Bluehouse Maestro "mini" Review

Bluehouse Maestro - BestSkiSales.comIncluded in our Team SteepAnDeep demo at Powder Mountain was the fully rockered Bluehouse Maestro in a 189cm length, which have 134-118-131 dimensions.

Both our lighter and heavier testers liked the skis and their overall skiing enjoyment and like-ability of the ski really increased as they skied them more. Our big fella thought they skied like a 140cm on the groomers and yet skied like a 180-185cm in the light stuff as the rockered tips and tails could engage the snow.  The lighter tester thought they weren’t super quick in the trees, but was happy with how they turned in open lines and was surprised at how well they performed in the crud.  When we did have powder, the Maestro’s tips were always floating above the surface of the snow with their reverse sidecut tips knifing throw the powder.

The Bluehouse Brand is a factory direct  to customer ski manufacturer. They eliminate the middleman and are able to then pass on the savings to the consumer. At the price point of the Maestro’s, there’s less reason to be stuck with a single ski quiver. If you find yourself in some deep pow, you will want these over your traditional all mountain skis.

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