Black Friday 2013: What To Expect

Black Friday DealsThe upcoming and highly anticipated Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales are right around the corner. Like you, I like good deals and I’ve been trying to figure out what gear I need for the upcoming ski season. I say upcoming since here in California, its been really, really dry with the exception of a dump 3 weeks ago. When it did snow, I was hoping that the decent amount that fell would be the beginning layer of the snow base. But then the temps began rising, the dreaded warmer days and nights followed, leaving us with only patches on the upper north facing slopes.

So where do we stand in terms of this year’s bargains? Well, from the looks of it, the softgoods on sale are going to be the leaders in this years Black Friday deals. So if you are in the market for some ski or snowboard pants or a new jacket, you should be able to find something you really like at well below the retail price. I have already seen this occurring over the past few months.

As for the hardgoods, well the shops had scaled back on their buying a few years ago, so they just aren’t carrying the huge quantities of skis and snowboards that they used to do. So without a mountain of overstock, the ski & snowboard stores probably do not have the overhead tied up like they did in the past. Which means there just isn’t a big need to blow out their inventory.

This isn’t all bad news. It just bad news for the shoppers. This shows that the shops have made some wise purchasing decisions over the last few years. So in this regard, it means the retailers are healthier and after watching many stores close after the downturn in the economy & low snow year a few years back, this is definitely a good thing for the industry.

That is not to say that there won’t be deals on skis or snowboards, it just means that every ski & snowboard is not going to be selling at a ridiculous price. So I am also in the market for some skis and will be keeping a close eye on what’s available. Remember that after Black Friday & Cyber Monday, the ski & snowboard industry enter their prime selling season, so prices, even on last years’ goods, will trend up until after New Year’s.

Do your homework before the sales & know what you want. Therefore, when you do see a deal on skis or a snowboard, you will be to act fast and can instantly decide if you need to pull the trigger on the purchase or not.  Otherwise, you may be the one left out in the cold.

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