The Best Time To Buy Skis & Snowboards


Volkl Mantra SkisSo here we come to the end of Summer. The snow guns in Colorado have already been test fired and there has already been some cooler evenings in the mountains. It is about time to start turning our attention from bathing suits and water activities to the cold weather sports of Winter.

Those of you who live in British Columbia and ski or ride at Whistler or the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., you were the envy of North America last season. Feet upon feet fell on you lucky souls. For almost all others, last year’s pre-season snow forecast turned into a debacle as we here in California had only chilly blue skies, day after day, almost all season long.

Part of the reason I believe that it was so very hard to accept was that La Nada followed La Nina in which we just got pummeled day after day by snow in 2010-11. Our expectations were so high and the memory so vivid, that this forsaken dry season was actually happening was hard to fathom.

La Nada and the lack of snow last year was a manufacturers nightmare. Little snow equates to little sales. So now you can take advantage of an over supply of 2011-12 skis, snowboards, boots, bindings, backpacks and anything elBurton Custom Snowboardse Winter related. Between now and prior to Black Friday, you will see the best deals of the year.

Go to the ski and snowboard swaps and go to your local ski and snowboard shops, as they are going to offer some hard to pass up deals. We have been seeing a bunch of great ski deals on the net throughout the Summer. You name it for Winter gear and it has been on sale already.

The skiing and snowboarding industry does not follow the same norms as almost all the other industries. The Winter sports industry bridges two years ( ie: 2012 & 2013 ). When many other industries are trying to get rid of year end stock and promote sales for the Christmas shopping season, the Winter gear industry  is trying to get the most out of every item sold since this is their peak season.

Are you wondering about adding a ski or snowboard to your quiver? Now is a good time to really think about it. After October, you will begin to see last season’s skis and snowboards begin to rise in price again. What? Last years gear is going to go up in price you are wondering. Well, the reason is simple. Supply and demand. What was 50% off in September, will only be 40% or even 30% off in November or December.

Those who shop early will see the best deals.

~ Lane Lawrence

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