Best Snowboard Topsheets


Each year there seems to be more and more artistic design that is being used on the snowboard topsheets. So much in fact that some are beginning to resemble art pieces.

Here’s our topsheet favorites, in no particular order, that we think represent the top topsheets of 2012.

Lib Tech Skunk ApeLib Tech Skunk Ape

It was brutal last night and I am not even sure why or even how I made it on the mountain today. I’m feeling so rugged and I really don’t want someone to even think about chatting me up on the lift.

Arbor ElementArb

When I’m just out for a cruise with my stallwart’s the Arbor Element is what I’m strapped into.

Lucky Desperado Pistola

When I’m feeling gnarly and nobody can stop me, friends or foes alike, I grab my Lucky Desperado Pistola. It is sorta like The Eagles meet Volbeat. Everybody else is fighting for second today!

Rossignol AngusRossignol Angus

Not sure why, but I just feel like a kid today. Yeh, I did like Dr Seuss growing up, what can I say?

Tech Nine MFM TatooTechnine MFM Tatoo

What’s good for my body is good enough for my board. I’m feeling it.

Venture Zephyr Splitboard Women's

Venture Zephyr is for the low pro, bad ass Betty.

Of course it’s a splitboard. Of course it’s a women’s board. Of course it’s super smooth.

 Just like she.

GNU Billy Goat

Today I’m going to be hitting some heavy lines in the backcountry and this board just exudes confidence.

Don’t go in the bc without the GNU Billy Goat.

Jones Flagship

Simple topsheet design. Simple brand name. Jones.

Never Summer Heritage

My daily driver and the pride of Colorado is the Never Summer Heritage.

K2 Vavavoom Rocker

I dig Ladies with personality and she needs a K2 VaVa Voom snowboard to match 🙂

by Lane Lawrence

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Here you will find an eclectic blend of banging topsheets, which also just so happen to ride just as well.