Best 2015 Mountain Biking Hydration Packs

Now that the dog days of summer, which also happen to be the hottest and most humid, are upon us, its imperative to have proper hydration while out for a few hours of trail riding.

In order to pick the right hydration pack take these ideas into consideration:

  • Duration of your rides
  • Elements you usually ride in (rain, mid-day heat, etc)
  • Riding in remote vs populated areas
  • Do you ride all year? Maybe 2 packs would be better

Even though the below article is a review from a U.K. mountain biking magazine, many of these hydration backpacks are available here in the U.S. as well.

Source: Best 2015 Hydration Mountain Biking Packs – MBR


REI Hydration Packs

JensonUSA Hydration Packs

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'Cuda says July 21, 2015

Fantastic! This was just the review I was looking for as I am in the market for a new mtb pack.

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