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Looking for some Android apps for your next ski & snowboard trip? We’ve compiled a list that we think will aid you in your next adventure. From tracking the weather to flight delays, to communicating with friends about the latest storm or needing driving directions, these apps will help you out getting to your destination and then back home again.

Weather Bug
A best bet for your handheld weather info, plus you can also have a widget on your desktop. You can check out the up-to-date weather forecast pre ski/snowboard trip, during the trip or after to see if the big storm really came right after you left.

Radar Now
Can be used in addition to Weather Bug to get the best radar image for your local area.

Ski TrailMaps
Hundreds of North American and European ski area trail maps at your finger tips. Save a tree and use your phone.

We know you need your tunes. However, any of the internet radio apps are going to chew up your battery, so you probably want to listen to your favorite jams that are on your memory card. Just in case you still want listen on the mountain, or once you’re back at the hotel,  we’ve included Slacker.

The best mobile Twitter app, so you can give the proper shoutout to all your followers. “Don’t believe what the mountain had on their website. It was way more than 4, like it was over my head in some places….”

Before, you could tell your bro’s about the latest dump and I’m sure you received a little dosage of skepticism. Now, you can show them live what they are missing. “So Bro, for reals, how deep is it?” Fire up the Fring app and show’em.

My Tracks
This app can be used to track your speed, time and elevation. You can determine daily vertical feet, create a trail to follow in the backcountry and you can set markers & waypoints. Setting markers enables you tor track time to distance between points and you can take picture and attach them to the points for a point of interest. Once you’ve finished your day, you can then send the tracks to a friend to show them where you’ve been or save them for future reference.

A great app to track your travel project from beginning to end.  TripIt enables you to build your winter travel itinerary, check on flight times or delays and then track the project throughout your vacation.

Dolphin Browser HD
This powerful browser comes with tabbed browsing, pinch zoom & gesture controls. The best mobile browser availale.

Use this app to enhance and improve any pictures taken with your Android phone while on the mountain.

Google Maps & Navigation
Once you download this to your phone, you can get rid of your stand-a-lone gps unit. You can either type in your desired address or use the voice command, which then leads you to your destination with its own voice guidance. Need street view? Got it.  Satellite view? Yep.  Traffic? Check.

Google Sky Map
For apre the apre ski and you look upfrom the outdoor hottub and see more stars than you can ever remember. That’s when you know you are in the mountains….and wondering when the next storm is coming!

Untested Apps That Look Interesting:

Tracks vertical and social networking, however, it is only available through Vail Resorts. It hasn’t been released yet,  but looks very promising.

Seems similar to EpicMix, but not restricted and is available for download now. Track your runs taken, vert ridden/skied & find friends on the mountain. You can ski but you can’t hide 🙂

Snowbird Alta GPS & Trail Maps App
Track your vertical, keep track of your tracks, find your way home at night from the Gold Miners Daughter as the lodges are included.

Ski Utah App
Real time snow reports, forecasts and updates for 13 Utah ski areas.

by Lane Lawrence