Avalanche Gear – You Need It In the Backcountry


With all of the recent snow falling throughout the West, coupled with the oncoming of Spring, the avalanche danger is real and is going to increase with more snow on the way.

There has been a number of recent stories concerning avalanches in the news. An experienced backcountry skier just died in Alaska, a Reno man survived after getting caught in an avalanche near Lake Tahoe and had to be airlifted off the mountain and a big slide at Berthoud Pass initiated a search and rescue team to be flown to the site as tracks were seen leading into the slide zone.

If you are heading into the backcountry take the appropriate action to try to limit your risk and avoid becoming a casualty. Take some avalanche courses that are available throughout the West and learn from the experts. Make sure you plan your day and look at the local weather and avalanche forecasts. Buy the necessary backcountry and avalanche equipment and know how to use it. Don’t ski or snowboard alone.

Even when you take the necessary precautions and become proficient with your gear, remember, you are in nature’s backyard. Therefore, you are still at risk as avalanches can be triggered at any time.

Here is a listing of Avalanche Accidents for the 2010-11 season compiled by Avalanche.org


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