Art of Flight Movie Review = Complete Radness!


Art of Flight Heli LandingFirst off, I will confess that I am a two planker. With that out of the way, I must say that the Art of Flight, by Brain Farm has got to be the best ski or snowboard movie that  I have ever seen.

The Art of Flight is not just about the biggest airs or the most rowdy lines. It truly is a cinematographic work of art, created by the Brain Farm studio, but with athletes, pilots and cameramen working together that creates a synergy that pushes this film over the top.

That’s not all, as then there’s the soundtrack to tie it all together and make you the viewer actually feel the show. I say feel since I saw the movie at a friend’s in-house cinema on a 75″ anamorphic projection HDTV and he has about a 3,000 watt sound system that was pumping the soundtrack out. He did clarify this watt number for me by saying, “it is a clean 3,000”. So yes, I could definitely feel the helicopter rotors  whump, whump, whump along with the soundtrack’s vibrant and energetic and mood setting beat (Art of Flight Soundtrack).

Brain Farm uses state of the art cameras to capture all the action from Travis Rice, Jeremy Jones, Scotty Lago and the rest of the big time riders. With one of Brain Farm’s camera’s ability to capture over 2,500 frames per second, the slow and super slow motion clips are just outstanding.Art of Flight Filming Snowboard Scraping They aren’t just another snowboard film maker, Brain Farm is an Emmy Award winning studio who can provide state-of-the-art aerial photography as well as handle all aspects of movie production. This is unmistakably proven in this well made production.

Regardless if you are a skier or snowboarder, do yourself a favor and see the Art of Flight. Will you think its the best, I am not sure. But I do think at the  very least, you will really, really enjoy it.