5 Ways To Use A Tax Refund For Skiers & Snowboarders

Grand Targhee ResortLet’s face it, skiing and snowboarding are expensive activities. We begin to think of getting out on the mountain and making some fresh turns during the Fall, which is right before the season actually starts. So we go out and buy the season pass, think about what new skis or snowboard we want or need.

Then wish we had  a new jacket, helmet, boots etc. The cost of this gear begins to add up and becomes a pile of money that is needed to fund our favorite sport. So, we usually just bite the bullet and  follow through buying the gear we need for the upcoming season.

Many times, these purchases are made using plastic. This just isn’t a good idea for many of us. The great deals we just got, actually are not so great once we have factored in the hefty interest rate that our credit card company has graciously applied to our purchase.

To top it off, the Holidays are right around the corner. This usually results in extra spending on various activities, presents, dining out and more. Not such a great time after all to be thinking about dumping money on skis, bindings and the like.

So how does a a skier or snowboarder minimize the cost of our passion? Even though the typical ski season for most peeps lasts from December through March or maybe early April, we need to think about it throughout the year. A mortgage, car or school loan bill comes in the mail each month, which spreads the cost evenly throughout the year.

So in the same respect, you should try and spread out your Winter ski and snowboard allotment. If  you have not, begin a Winter sports fund account that you place funds into each paycheck or month. This will help reduce the rather seemingly overwhelming costs of skiing and snowboarding that begins to fall onto us once the weather begins to cool.

Big Sky Resort Season Pass

Big Sky Resort Season Pass

I renewed my Epic Pass this week and couldn’t be happier, knowing that I am ready to go for next season already. My skis were greatly under utilized this year, so they should be fine again the next time the snow falls.

With tax season here, and with many of us getting a tax refund, there are many ways a skier and snowboarder can help limit their purchases during the Fall. So here are a few ways to think about spending your forced savings from Uncle Sam now or at least save it until you find the right deal.

1) Buy a Season Pass At the Lowest Rate (or at least lock it in with a down payment) – Season Passes 2012-13

2) Buy a Snowboard or Skis At A Great Discount (usually early or late in the season)

3) Set Aside Money Now For Next Season’s Winter Trip

4) Buy Peripherals At Close-out Prices (Gloves, Goggles, Bags, Poles, Socks, Base Layer, etc)

5) Tuck The Cash Away Until The Ski & Snowboard Swaps Begin

With the less than stellar snow amounts in many areas for 2011-12, there are some excellent deals going on right now. Use your money wisely and make it work hard for you.