2010 Summer Skiing Halfway Point

Its about the halfway point of the Southern Hemisphere’s winter ski and snowboard season . So far, it has been a good season for Argentina, Chile and New Zealand. All of them, at some time, have received some good and consistent storms, producing some excellent conditions and snow pack. Most of the tour companies are now in full season form, with most of their tours being booked.  So,  if you are still thinking about going South this  summer  to get some cold snow, now is the time to book your trip or you will be left out in the heat.

Haka Tours in New Zealand still has openings left on their itinerary and their 2011 price list has just been released for those planning ahead for next year. New Zealand in general has great ski and snowboard conditions with a an above average snowfall.  If you book by August 31, 2010 for the 2011 summer ski and snowboard seaon, you will lock in the 2010 season rates. They have just completed work on the World Heli Challenge. and new for this year, their tour vehicles all run bio diesel to whisk you around to the different snow fields while having 20% less emissions. Visiting Queenstown alone is worth the trip itself with all of ifts high andrenaline activities.

In South America, Casa Tours reports great snow coverage throughout their tour areas which also includes Patagonia. This should shape up for a fine month of August for them. They reported at the  end of July that this is the most snow at Nevados de Chillan that they’ve ever seen. Here’s your proof. And the snow keeps coming, so it should only get better.

Bariloche, Argentina has more snow than in recent years, so this southern resort is doing quite well. It is also one of the only South American resorts with a town, so there is some night life and some extracuricular activities to partake in. Don’t forget to take your siesta so you can awaken early for the freshies that await you.

Extremely Canadian runs South American tours and has limited bookings left, so contact them asap if you are interested in skiing or snowboarding with them in 2010.  They provide expert instruction on steep skiing, private instruction and all inclusive ski adventures.

For those of you heading South enjoy your summer skiing and snowboarding holiday and I am very envious. For all others, there are only about 3 months until many of the areas begin limited operations. I can’t wait.